Tuesday, August 04, 2015

This just in ...

ISIS Hit With Massive Wireless Bill
After Sending ‘Message To America’
"Hello, Amerika? Amerika?"
TIKRIT, Iraq — The Islamic State is rethinking its mobile carrier today, after sending a message to America that wound up costing it $73 million in overage charges on its wireless plan, Duffel Blog has learned.

“We thought we had unlimited messages,” said spokesman Abu Muhammad al-‘Adnani. “But it turns out, the infidels at Virgin Mobile don’t really mean unlimited when they say it. There is a million message limit buried in the so-called ‘fine print.’ A thousand curses on you, Mr. Branson! This is total zift.”

“I will write some fine print on them with my weapon, Insh’Allah!” he added.
According to sources, the Islamic State’s message consisted of “really scary” emoji and the hashtag “#MessagetoAmerica.” 

The SMS text to the nearly 300 million smart phones registered in the U.S. have resulted in a penalty rate of $0.25/message over the one million contractually allowed. This led to a massive fee due to Virgin Mobile of $72,863,713.67, of which more than $1 million is a “universal connection charge” that the Islamic State is also disputing. The Islamic State is not contesting $314,159 dollars in data overages, even though it denied that any of that “was used to download porn, especially not anything to do with Furries.”

“Bearing all this in mind, we have decided to take our business to Sprint, to take advantage of their ‘Whatever it costs’ promotion,” al-‘Adnani said. “And we have declared a fatwa against Virgin Mobile, and look forward to deflowering them in Paradise.”

But a big bill isn’t ISIS’s only problem, as now approximately every person in America has the group’s mobile number, and has begun drunk-texting them continuously.

“And this, just as we were preparing to add Boko Haram to the ‘family share’ plan,” al-‘Adnani said.
At press time, the Sprint corporation was under investigation for giving financial aid to terrorists.

Film at 11.

A sniper's trick for you

Jeffry Harrison was once a sniper in the Army.
As a sniper, I was trained to go into a dangerous area, collect reconnaissance, and get out without ever being seen. This is the hardest part of the job. Most people think it’s all about shooting from really far away, and while that’s certainly an important skill, it’s not the most difficult. Staying virtually invisible, while moving from point to point with 75+ pounds of gear in extreme weather, while being completely exhausted, requires a tremendous amount of focus. The fatigue, the discomfort, the racing thoughts are all distractions that can throw off your focus and your cloak of invisibility that keeps you alive.
His instructors taught him a simple trick, one he uses today in business and in his personal life -- SLLS: Stop, Look, Listen, and Smell.
When the heat, weight, and fatigue take your focus off moving in silence and invisibility, take a SLLS break—Stop what you are doing. Look around. Listen to your surroundings. Smell your environment.
He suggests that you get started by setting the alarm on your phone to remind you every two hours to take an SLLS break.

I find it interesting that this exercise involves three senses: sight, sound, smell. It's a wonderful way to stay in the moment, where there is peace.

Your ID has probably been compomised

Half of American adults had their personal information exposed to hackers last year alone, the New York Times reports.
The newspaper has created an interactive chart to show you exactly how you've been compromised. Go here. It just takes a minute.

Done? Scary, right?

The article has more information on the big attacks and advice on what to do. Have a nice day.

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Today's Word: personal clothing, accessories

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You don't need no BMI:

Liberace: yourself

"Nobody will believe in you unless you believe in yourself. " 

Monday, August 03, 2015

What the heck happened to civics class?

“Everybody knows me to be a progressive or a liberal or lefty or whatever. I think of myself as a bleeding-heart conservative. You will not f— with my Bill of Rights, my Constitution, my guarantees of political justice for all. But does my heart bleed for those who need help and aren’t getting the justice that the country promises them and the equal opportunity the country promises?

"Yes. I’m a bleeding heart, but I think myself to be a total social conservative. The people who are running just don’t seem to have America on their minds, not the America I think about. When I was a kid we were in love with America. As early as I can remember, there was a civics class in my public school. And I was in love with those things that guaranteed freedom before I learned that there were people who hated me because I was Jewish. I had a Bill of Rights and a Constitution, those words out of the Declaration that protected me. And I knew about that because we had civics in class.

"We don’t have that much in the country anymore. So before World War II or shortly after, we were in love with America because we understood what it was about and that’s what we were in love with. I believe everybody’s patriotic today. Everybody loves America. But I don’t need their flag plans to prove it. I’d like to go back to civics lessons.”


Sunday, August 02, 2015

Vespers: Further On Up the Road

"Further On (Up The Road)"

Where the road is dark and the seed is sowed
Where the gun is cocked and the bullet's cold
Where the miles are marked in the blood and gold
I'll meet you further on up the road

Got on my dead man's suit and my smilin' skull ring
My lucky graveyard boots and song to sing
I got a song to sing, keep me out of the cold
And I'll meet you further on up the road.

Further on up the road
Further on up the road
Where the way dark and the night is cold
One sunny mornin' we'll rise I know
And I'll meet you further on up the road.

Now I been out in the desert, just doin' my time
Searchin' through the dust, lookin' for a sign
If there's a light up ahead well brother I don't know
But I got this fever burnin' in my soul
So let's take the good times as they go
And I'll meet you further on up the road

Further on up the road
Further on up the road
Further on up the road
Further on up the road

One sunny mornin' we'll rise I know
And I'll meet you further on up the road
One sunny mornin' we'll rise I know
And I'll meet you further on up the road.

Is the Pope an idiot or just stupid?

Note the hammer and sickle.
"Communism has murdered well over one hundred million people in the last century alone, a massive percentage for being Christian. If one adds the abortions, it is probably closer to a billion souls.

"Our Blessed Lord and Savior shown crucified on a hammer and sickle is, by all metrics, worse than Our Lord shown crucified on a swastika.

"This is flat-out blasphemy. And Pope Francis stands there, nods and grins. He should have shaken his head “no”, and very demonstratively physically rejected it, and then turned and walked out. But he didn’t. He just stood there and grinned."


Food that endures

From The Lectionary:

John 6:24-27
6:24 So when the crowd saw that neither Jesus nor his disciples were there, they themselves got into the boats and went to Capernaum looking for Jesus.

6:25 When they found him on the other side of the sea, they said to him, "Rabbi, when did you come here?"

6:26 Jesus answered them, "Very truly, I tell you, you are looking for me, not because you saw signs, but because you ate your fill of the loaves.

6:27 Do not work for the food that perishes, but for the food that endures for eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you. For it is on him that God the Father has set his seal."

Image: Early third century depiction of eucharistic bread and fish, Catacomb of San Callisto, Rome.

Thomas A. Edison: potential

"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Friday, July 31, 2015

Headline of the Day

Robot Maggots Feed On Brain Tumors

Casual Friday: We Didn't Start the Fire

Just two working days til Monday!

"Never use a big word when a little filthy one will do." ~ Johnny Carson

Are you happy with your toilet?

It's pooparistic!
How many times do you have to flush it to make it do its job?

What about your light bulbs, and washing machines? To these you can now add your dishwasher. Do you rinse dishes before putting them in your dishwasher that is designed to save water?

Lots of ordinary citizens are irked by this regulatory silliness from Washington, Dan Mitchell writes.
I’m already one of those people who rinse my dishes before putting them in the dishwasher because I hate the idea that they won’t be fully clean afterwards. So I can only imagine how bad it will be if this absurd example of red tape is imposed and I have to buy a new dishwasher. I guess I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that my current dishwasher doesn’t break down. Especially since the rules make new dishwashers more expensive.
What about your shower head?

If you suspect that none of this will reduce water usage, you are correct.

Flush on, fellow serfs, in the comfort of knowing that your President cares about your poop.

HIding behind words

"The entire abortion industry coasts on a game of linguistics. In an article that forever euthanized satire, the New Republic called aborted babies "products of conception" and said referring to "baby parts" was an attempt to "anthropomorphize" the human fetus.

"These lexical gymnastics have become even more important to the abortion crowd given the slew of recently released videos that suggest Planned Parenthood has been stripping down aborted babies and selling their parts for scrap. The most recent video shows a physician sorting through baby organs, then haggling over prices, saying, "I think the per-item works a little better, just because we can see how much we can get out of it." Near the end of the video, one of these "specimens" is shown and a tiny hand is visible, having been torn from the rest of the baby's body.

"It is such butchery that makes the abortion culture's word games so necessary. There's a reason it has deemed itself the "pro-choice" movement; the term absolves abortion advocates from any responsibility for what those women are actually choosing to do. Being against "choice" is simply un-American, right?

"Further, engage in any other dialogue about abortion and you will have to endure euphemisms like "reproductive equity" and "women's health," as if ending a baby's life is akin to getting a mole removed.

"If doctors are willing to call the organs harvested from unborn children "brains" and "lungs" and "kidneys," they can't then deny that they are getting them from a "baby." Harvesting human organs but then denying they come from a human is weapons-grade cognitive dissonance."

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Watch this 3D printed robot jump:

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Someone get the restraints

“The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.” ~ Marcus Aurelius

What do we make of all this?

Justin Marceau doesn’t eat animals. He represents them. And starting this fall, he will teach University of Denver law students to do the same, thanks to the school’s new Animal Legal Defense Fund Professorship. Marceau is the first recipient of the professorship, which DU says is the only position of its kind in the country.

Dante’s classic "Divine Comedy" should be removed from school curricula, according to Gherush 92, a human rights organisation which acts as a consultant to UN bodies on racism and discrimination. Dante’s epic is “offensive and discriminatory” and has no place in a modern classroom, said Valentina Sereni, the group’s president.

Huffpo "data justice" director: "Will Uber help kill the planet? And when you take a step back, the fight over Uber and its future likely use of driverless cars has enormous implications for whether our nation and the world can stop climate change from killing the planet.”

Apple Model Management, a modeling agency that represents only transgender models, is opening an office in Los Angeles.

American,” “illegal alien,” “foreigners,” “mothering,” and “fathering” are just a handful of words deemed “problematic” by the University of New Hampshire’s Bias-Free Language Guide. Terms also considered problematic include: “elders,” “senior citizen,” “overweight,” “speech impediment,” “dumb,” “sexual preference,” “manpower,” “freshmen,” “mailman,” and “chairman.” According to the university’s website, the guide “is meant to invite inclusive excellence in [the] campus community.”

American hero Buzz Aldrin came under fire today from prominent feminist Linda Thump, who claimed that the astronaut’s pride about being the second person to walk on the moon was little more than “cissexist white male privilege.”

Ms Lierre Keith, a former radical vegan, is now a self-described “gender abolitionist.” She and her associates wish to wage “decisive ecological warfare” against … well, the rest of us, and to “disrupt and dismantle industrial civilisation,” with “complete economic collapse” as the path to salvation. When not signalling their intellectual wattage by calling for the “abolition” of masculinity and “whiteness,” and the “abolition” of the United States, “an illegitimate settler nation,” Deep Green Resistance very much like the idea of “sabotaging infrastructure” and cutting power lines, thereby leaving tens of thousands of people without light and heat.

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Idiot of the Day: John Kerry

And look who his daughter married

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Today's Word: causing or producing cold

Hahaha: Hillary wants illegal on the moon

Gender gap myths:

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The art of self respect

“Self-control is the chief element in self-respect, and self-respect is the chief element in courage.” ~ Thucydides
Thucydides (460 - 400 BC) was an Athenian historian, political philosopher and general. That Thucydides was clearly moved by the suffering inherent in war and concerned about the excesses to which human nature is prone in such circumstances is evident in his analysis of the atrocities committed during civil conflict on Corcyra.
“Self-respect is the root of discipline: The sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself.” ~ Abraham Joshua Heschel
Heschel (1907 - 1972) was a Polish-born American rabbi and one of the leading Jewish theologians and Jewish philosophers of the 20th century. The Gestapo arrested him in Frankfurt and deported him. They murdered his mother, and two of his sisters died in concentration camps.
The more things change ...

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

This just in ...

Direct from Lubbock.

Tour De France Won By
Rowdy, Tattooed Biker
From Harley Davidson Team

PARIS—In what many are calling the single most dominant performance in the 112-year history of the event, the 2015 Tour de France has been won by Jason “Scab” Vickerson of the Harley Davidson Team.

Sources confirmed that the 300-pound, tattoo-covered Scab, who occasionally works as a bouncer at various establishments in Lubbock, TX, handily won the 3,500-kilometer race through the Netherlands, Belgium, and France with a record-breaking 3-hour-and-42-minute margin of victory.
“Man, we had to flog it the whole way, even on some of those sharp turns where we were sparking pavement, but we got what we came for,” said Scab moments after spraying a 40-ounce bottle of King Cobra malt liquor over his bearded, chain-smoking teammates in celebration as he stood atop the winner’s podium.

“Sledge and Deuce set a great pace, and whenever someone tried to take me on, Rattler blocked them out. He didn’t take nothing from nobody.”

Film at 11.

Eat like a dolphin

Let them eat cake.
We can learn a lot from dolphins. Especially from what they eat.

Recent research suggests that something in the dolphin diet is effective in preventing diabetes. That means something in some species of fish, of course.

The scientists eventually narrowed it down to a compound called heptadecanoic acid (C-17). Of course it would be something I can't spell or pronounce.

Here's what's interesting: This compound is also found in whole milk, butter and yogurt. Remember when these were bad for you?
“There’s more and more evidence emerging that shows that not all fats are bad for us,” said Stephanie Venn-Watson, lead study author. “We’re not saying go eat spoonfuls of butter, but this could show that we’re not getting the levels of C-17 that we’re used to.”
Okay, I'll say it: have yourself some butter (the real stuff).

Also enjoy some coffee, eggs and blueberries after walking home from your tai chi and qi-gong sessions.

Oh, and eat lots of ice cream. Wait ... that's not true. I just made that up. Wait ... I just put that on the Internet, so it must be true.

The oceans aren't rising, but something is

Listening to their guy.
Your president is over in his spiritual and intellectual home in Kenya, where he told approving listeners:
“Now, let me be honest with you. I do not understand this. I am in my second term. I love my work. But under our Constitution, I cannot run again.

“I actually think I’m a pretty good president. I think if I ran, I could win. But I can’t. So there’s a lot that I’d like to do to keep America moving, but the law is the law.”
When has this man ever been hindered by the law? Is he hinting at his next dazzling move?

A blogger who calls himself The Z Man reminds us:
I wish I had a nickel for every time some popular man of the Cult gave a speech making claims that were obviously false. Even allowing for personal bias and perspective, Progressives often say things that are completely insane. Obama’s nomination speech is an obvious example:
"Because if we are willing to work for it, and fight for it, and believe in it, then I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our image as the last, best hope on earth."
When hearing that, normal people wondered how he and his audience did not burst out laughing. Political hyperbole is to be expected, particularly after a big election, but that’s the sort of thing that used to get people committed. Did he really believe his election would alter the earth’s climate? Found a new nation in place of the current one? Is it possible for one man to be full of so much shit?
I would rather not live in interesting times.

Just a standard issue moonbat

"I have a friend who is a standard issue moonbat from Massachusetts. Immediately after 9/11, and I mean hours after it, he posted on his website a long plea to avoid rounding up Muslims and putting them into camps. His No. 1 concern was not the smoking hole in the middle of New York City. No, he was more afraid of his fellow citizens, his neighbors.

"Despite decades of Muslim terrorism all over the world, there’s been no backlash against Muslims anywhere. That does not stop the Cult from pretending, so they just pretend that Muslims are being oppressed by Americans. They are forever vigilant, looking for any signs that Islamophobia is about to break out.

"The thing that was clear with my moonbat friend was that he really believed Americans were pulling out their torches and boiled rope after 9/11. It’s what normal people have always got wrong about Progressives. It’s not an act. These people are the truest of true believers."

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Today's Word: a quick, witty response

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W. Somerset Maugham: manual labor

"I like manual labor. Whenever I've got waterlogged with study, I've taken a spell of it and found it spiritually invigorating."